The NEW ART HOUSE devotes itself in his programme of the contemporary art of the country Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and this in the exchange with other federal countries, the other bordering Baltic states and countries of Northern Europe. Exhibitions, video- and dance performances, readings and concerts enter content connections and track down thus specific features of contemporary art events. With the Artist's house Lukas the new art house is Initiator of thematic projects and possibilities for a cooperation between pedagogic art, literature, dance and music at national and international level.

Since 2009 the NEW ART HOUSE with from five to six exhibitions devotes itself yearly of the presentation of work of the artists from the international scholarship programme of the Artist's house Lukas. In addition belongs the support of cooperation to the respect of the arts together or the support of young scholarship holders and female scholarship holders, the presentation of work from project scholarships as well as new subject exhibitions. 
The NEW ART HOUSE create possibilities for the integration for all scholarship holders in the experimental exhibition events since 1994. Besides, the visitor interested in art finds a permanent offer of graphics, small plastic, objects, artist's books and catalogues which stand in the connection to the present programme.

The NEW ART HOUSE is in sponsorship of the registered association „Artist's House Ahrenshoop“, this together with the artist's house Lukas. The association is supported by the ministry of education, science and culture of the country Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the administrative district to Nordvorpommern, the savings bank of Vorpommern and numerous private sponsors - particularly by the members of the circle of friends New art has friends.


Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop